It is not uncommon to have questions, concerns or even apprehensions when visiting a doctor for the first time. It is our goal to make sure you feel right at home. In fact, our patients often remark how warm and inviting our office is. We have designed everything with your comfort and benefit in mind. You’ll find plenty of convenient parking and you’ll be greeted by name when you enter our office.

People visit our office for two main reasons: to seek help in addressing a specific concern and / or to proactively enhance their overall wellness. The better we understand your specific goals and objectives, the better we can help you achieve them!

Step 1 - Paperwork: Whether you complete your paperwork in advance (Click Here for Our Online Forms) or upon arriving for your first visit, you will begin to see immediately how our office is different!  Our practice members love that our care is not just focused at helping them feel better, but at truly helping them live better on every level.  It's not about minimizing your symptoms. It's about maximizing your health.

Step 2 - Consultation: After completing your paperwork, you will meet with Dr. Mike or Dr. Meredith to discuss your health goals and health concerns and have your questions answered at the start of your visit. Once we better understand what you would like to accomplish by working with us, the next step will be a thorough evaluation to see where we are starting from and to determine the absolute best recommendations for care.

Step 3 - Evaluation: One of the most common remarks we hear from patients is that they appreciate how thorough the evaluation process is at our officeWe believe in measuring, not guessing. We want understand the big picture of exactly how, where, and to what extent the structure of your spine and function of your body may be compromised. We want to see clearly where your health challenges may be arising from so we know exactly how to help. Your exam will look at your posture, flexibility, and muscle tone and we may take x-rays to look more closely at your spine. We also have a unique computerized assessment (using technology from NASA’s Space Program) that gives specific insight into how the muscles and nerves along your spine are functioning. Even though this test is thorough, it is also very simple and easy to perform and is completely non-invasive. We are proud to say that no other office in the area offers such a unique and detailed evaluation.

Your first visit should take about 45-60 minutes.

Step 4 – Beginning Your Care: After your consultation and evaluation, we will schedule a follow-up visit, usually for the next day. This visit lasts about 30 minutes and will review all of your exam findings and our most optimal recommendations for your care. From there, if you decide that you are ready to begin care, you will receive your first adjustment and schedule your first series of follow-up visits.

Step 5 – Enjoying the Process: Once care is initiated, each visit will build on the ones before. Most people report changes after just 1-2 visits with dramatic improvements often reported in just a few short weeks. Your progress is closely monitored so that you are always at the most appropriate level of care. As you regain the health of your spine, every aspect of your health is affected. We can’t wait for you to be our next chiropractic success story!