Hello and welcome!

You’ve been ON OUR MINDS and IN OUR HEARTS for a long time! It is great to finally make your acquaintance! We are Mike and Meredith Vorozilchak and we’d like to THANK YOU for checking out our practice!

In 2007, just a few months after we got married, we set out to open a healing center that would fill a unique void in the local health and wellness landscape. We wanted to blend time-tested principles with cutting-edge strategies to create a progressive, comprehensive, drug-free, and affordable approach to health and wellness for the families of Geneva and the Finger Lakes . There are plenty of places to go to treat your symptoms but we wanted to offer SOMETHING MORE and SOMETHING DIFFERENT. We wanted to be the go-to place for natural family wellness .

Wellness is a buzzword these days and means different things to different people. To us, wellness is about living every day at the highest level and striving for constant-and-never-ending improvement in life and in health. Wellness is about performing your best, feeling your best, and aging your best. It is about living a life of POSSIBILITY, instead of probability. It is about living a life of CHOICE, not chance. It is about having a VISION and a PLAN for the future and a burning desire to NEVER SETTLE for mediocre health. It is about excuse-free living , where time, money, and energy are not viewed as barriers or limited resources but instead are treasured as life’s most precious commodities which can expand exponentially when properly managed and invested. Wellness is about commitment, congruency, consistency, and most importantly, celebration.

Our practice is an extension of this philosophy. Our approach is simple but our results are profound . We have spent years reading, traveling, and studying to discover the best practices and fundamental premises for achieving wellness, preventing illness, and healing from within. In fact, we continue learning every day so that we too can maximize our own quality and quantity of life while leading and inspiring others to do the same.

When you work with us, you can be assured that what we practice what we preach . We only recommend for you that which we would recommend for our loved ones and for ourselves. We are all in this together and we are honored to support you on your journey and partner with you to help elevate your health and expand your vitality!

All our best,

Mike, Meredith and the FLFCW Team