Getting started with care is super easy.

The first step is determining if we are a good fit for each other.

The care we specialize in works really well for certain people while for others it may not be the solution they are looking for.

Your initial visit will help us determine that. 

Once you arrive, you'll be asked to fill out some brief paperwork. (You can find it HERE if you'd like to save time.)

Next, you'll have a consultation with Dr. Mike or Dr. Meredith to discuss what brings you in, what results you are hoping to achieve, what you've tried so far to get the problem corrected, and what's happened in the past that may be playing a role in your current health situation.

From there, you will have an examination to determine if you have problems that we can help you solve. The specific issue we deal with, like a cavity in your tooth, is called a subluxation. This is a spinal problem that negatively impacts your nerves, muscles, bones, joints, and health. Our expertise is determining if and where your spine is subluxated and how severely.

During your exam, we analyze your posture, muscle tone, movement patterns, ranges of motion, and look for other physical signs of subluxations. We also use x-rays as an initial baseline to understand where the problems are, how long they've been there, and what damage they've caused.

We will review all the information and put together recommendations for the best course of care to help solve your issues and reach your goals.

Typically, the consultation and examination take about 30-45 minutes so we recommend a separate follow-up visit the next day to go over findings and recommendations. If time permits or if your situation requires urgent attention, care may be offered on your first visit at the discretion of the doctors. 

Once you are armed with the information of what we found and how to help it, you can decide if you are ready to get started with care!

Call us now at 315-789-9355 or email us at to schedule for first visit!