Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

There is a reason nearly every professional sports team and top-level athlete uses chiropractic care – because it works!

We work with many local athletes and help them with 3 primary objectives:

- injury prevention,

- performance enhancement,

- accelerated recovery.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or are training for the Musselman, we can develop a chiropractic support program to help your body work even better than it is right now.

Our care helps every aspect of your physical function - your bones, muscles, joints, and nerves (even your brain). It helps you become more flexible, improve muscle efficiency (body alignment and balance are key to muscle leverage and strength), prevent wear and tear on cartilage and ligaments, and maximizes nerve signaling between your brain and body (hand-eye coordination, muscle firing, reaction time, and more).

Give us a call at (315)-789-9355 to set up your first visit to go over your goals, talk about your training, and see how we can help take things to the next level.