Your child's first visit is the first step in determining if we can help them.

After completing some brief paperwork (click HERE to download), you will meet with Dr. Mike or Dr. Meredith to discuss your child's health and what results you're hoping to achieve by working with our office.

From there, we will evaluate them for signs and indications of a spinal condition known as subluxation, which is a site in the spine where the joints aren't aligned or moving properly causing irritation to the nerves, muscles, and structures in that area. Because the nerve system - consisting of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves - is like a big circuit, a glitch or problem any where (neck, mid back, low back, pelvis) can also affect any where else in the body.

The evaluation is extremely gentle and non-invasive.

For babies, we observe for symmetry and balance, looking at the cranium, facial structures, arms, legs, and overall body positioning. We lightly palpate the spine to see how well things are moving and if there are any signs of swelling, muscle tension, or other physical findings. We assess their overall tone and may also look at their reflexes, head control and movement, and other physical indicators if needed. Mom or dad can hold them the whole time if needed and we have pillows that the baby can comfortably rest in as well. It is extremely rare for a baby to need a spinal x-ray.

For toddlers and older kids, we look for a lot of the same physical indicators of subluxation but also evaluate their posture, ranges of motion, and global spinal / structural alignment. Most toddlers and kids also do not usually need spinal x-rays. Considerations for films would be based on the severity of their symptoms and condition and their history of traumas or injuries or any other red flags from their consult or evaluation.

We will explain everything we find and what our best recommendations for care would be.

When you come to our office, we care for you as if you are a member of our own family. We (Drs. Mike and Meredith) have a child with special needs who has needed multiple surgeries and has had lengthy hospital stays so we appreciate all the doctors who've taken the time with us to explain our options, answer our questions, and help us make the most informed choices for our family. We set out to do the same for you.

To schedule your child's initial visit, please call (315) 789-9355 or email us at