Where do we even begin when it comes to describing the benefits of chiropractic care for babies and kids?

If you’ve made it to our page, chances are you’ve already done your homework. But if not, let’s start with a quick overview of the most common reasons we see kids.

First, since we care for many moms during pregnancy, they naturally understand the benefits of a healthy spine and nervous system and know that supportive and preventative monitoring of a baby’s spine and nerve system begins at birth.

Very commonly, though, parents first bring their little ones to us because they are dealing with some sort of issue or ailment and have exhausted all their medical options (or no longer want to go the drug / surgery route) or they’ve heard that chiropractic can help with XYZ and they want to try to help their child naturally.

For babies, the most common reasons parents seek care are problems with breastfeeding (not latching, suspected lip or tongue tie, favoring one side, etc), colic, constipation, recurring ear infections / ear pain, acid reflux, and torticollis.

After infancy and toddlerhood, parents bring kids to our office to help with asthma, bedwetting, back and neck pain, growing pains, headaches, sleep issues, sinus problems, and the general injuries that go along with being a kid.

The fastest growing reason kids are seeking chiropractic care, though, are the results it delivers in helping social / mental / emotional concerns. With the rates of autism / Asperger’s, ADD / ADHD, sensory processing challenges, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other behavioral and cognitive issues, parents are discovering that helping their child requires a comprehensive team approach using whole body strategies that focus on strengthening every aspect of their well-being.  

Our office is very family-friendly. To schedule an appointment, please call 315-789-9355 or send us an email!