Better Sleep / Less Meds:

“Since starting care at FLFCW, I have seen my allergies and overall symptoms improve!  I also have increased energy, less need to take medications, and a better quality of sleep.  What I most enjoy about the office is getting adjusted and being able to relax.”

- Becca L, age 19, Student

Medical Referral: 

“I was recommended to visit Dr. Mike at the advice of my medical doctor.  I have experienced noticeable improvement with my energy, immunity, and sleep.  I am free of any pain and plan to continue my care for prevention.  I enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.” 

- Phil C. Age 68, Retired

More Productive at Work: 

“I first visited FLFCW for lower back pain and discomfort.  When considering care options, I chose corrective care to ensure less health problems in the future.  I have benefitted from care by experiencing less pain, better sleep, and more energy.  These changes will allow for more productivity at work and at home.  I would advise anyone to consider chiropractic care.”

- Jeff S. Age 39, Police Officer

More Energy / Stronger Immunity / Carpal Tunnel: 

“After visiting doctors and not getting any relief, I spoke with Meredith about the way chiropractic works.  I first visited the office because I was experiencing numbness and tingling in both arms and hands and also had stiffness in my fingers.  Since starting care, I can now sleep completely throughout the night with no more numbness.  My energy levels are so much higher.  I have not had a cold or flu since I started getting adjusted.  My posture has greatly improved.  As a hairstylist, this improvement has been very noticeable when working on clients.  What I enjoy most about coming to FLFCW is learning more about wellness on every visit and the openness of both Meredith and Dr. Mike.  I always relate my story to others about how much chiropractic care has helped my body and mind without medicine.  I hope to attend yoga and more workshops to keep learning.  Thank you!”

- Kelly V. Age 28, Hairstylist

Better Posture / No More Pain: 

“FLFCW was highly recommended to try.  I was concerned about back pain and burning between my shoulders.  Since starting care, the pain and burning are not there 95% of the time.  I sleep much better and am taking better care of myself all around.  I have noticed that I am walking straighter, have better posture, and no pain.  I am starting yoga and am eating better.  I enjoy the very calming and relaxing atmosphere and always feel better when I leave.  It is a very, very friendly office!  After I am done with corrective care, I plan on still using the care weekly to maintain health and lifestyle.  I love the articles on the desk and learn a lot from them.  It is a very warm and comfortable office and you can always ask a lot of questions.”

- Kelly P. Age 46, Accountant


“I came to FLFCW at the recommendation of Dr. Mike’s father-in-law, Dave Achilles.  I wanted to get rid of pain in my left leg.  My energy level is better since I have started and I better overall because of less pain. I enjoy that everyone is friendly and that you are well taken care of.  I plan to utilize chiropractic care in the future for preventative maintenance.”

- Bill S. Age 54, Equipment Operator

Would you rather take pain killers?: 

“My girlfriend recommended I visit the office after she began her visits.  I used to crack my neck all the time and my back and hips at least once a day.   When I was under chiropractic care before, I did not do this.  Since beginning care at FLFCW, I stand much straighter and taller.  There is more flexibility in my back. The biggest difference is that I no longer crack my back, hips, and neck.  I now have more energy and focus.  Too many people have excuses of why they can’t get this care done.  If money is an issue, would you rather get care now or take pain killers the rest of your life?”

- Justin B. Age 26, Draftsman

Decades of Pain: 

“I had lower back problems starting back in 1970 and was in an auto accident in 1989 causing problems in my upper back between my shoulders. For many years, I had done physical therapy (PT.) off and on, I never thought Chiropractic care would help. Friends of the family told me about FLFCW.  Dr. Mike talked me into trying it. I’m glad I did, because in few short months I feel better and stand straighter.  I would tell others, ‘just try it!’”

- Pete P. age 59, Retail Manager

Teenage Asthma: 

“I was referred to FLFCW by a friend. I came in with breathing problems while exercising. Since I started my Chiropractic care, my breathing has improved. In addition, my energy levels, immunity, and sleep have all improved.   I enjoy getting better.”

- Jenni R. age 17, Student

Childhood Asthma: 

“I had many asthma-related problems and my mom and dad didn’t like having to give me lots of medicine to keep me healthy. My thorough health evaluation revealed many areas of trouble in my neck. I am now less reliant on asthma medicine. Now if I start getting a cold, it is just a cold and not in my lungs. I think chiropractic care is fun. Now, I’m considering becoming a chiropractor.” 

- Rielly S. age 8, Student / Future Chiropractor

Less Pain / Better Sleep / Able to keep up with Grandkids: 

“I was barely able to walk because of my sciatica. I also had intense neck pain. My exam showed my head was forward and tilted and I had back and pelvic problems. I chose corrective care because I wanted to get to the root of the problem for long term health.  I want to be able to play with and enjoy my grandchildren.  I still need to reduce the number of drugs I’m taking and not use anymore.  I have a much improved attitude on life!!!  My sleep has greatly improved and my stamina is increasing.  Naps are needed less often and the sciatica is significantly reduced. Try it!  You have nothing to lose except pain and poor health. I enjoy the help, the friendliness, and the flexibility to meet my needs.”

- Sharon M. age 62

Carpal Tunnel / No More Painkillers: 

“I heard about FLFCW by an Ad in the newspaper. I had severe bilateral carpal tunnel, neck and back pain, and always tired and hurting. Since I have been under care my pain and numbness have diminished and I’ve been sleeping better. I no longer take sleep aids and Ibuprofen on a regular basis. I feel with continued care I will see greater improvement in my overall health.  Dr. Mike and Meredith are wonderful young people committed to making a difference to anyone who walks through their doors. They are all about natural health and well being.”

- Karen C. age 52, Property Manager

Enjoy Having Options: 

“My joints were stiff and I had low back pain. My family convinced me to come to FLFCW. Now, I wake up in the morning without overall stiffness. I sleep better and seem to have more energy. I enjoy coming to see Dr. Mike and Meredith and being in a calm atmosphere and not feeling pushed into anything but what you recommend.” 

- Gretchen A. age 52, Nurse


“My wife is a patient and so I choose FLFCW too. I had hip and shoulder pain and scoliosis. Since I have been under care, I no longer experience pain in my hips. Also my energy level, immunity, and sleep have all improved to some degree. I enjoy the atmosphere. I’m more knowledgeable of my posture and the needs to maintain it.  I feel generally “healthier” since starting.”

- Matt V. age 29

More Positive About Life: 

“This office uses a different technique. I choose FLFCW to correct my posture and get rid of pain. My neck pain was affecting my left arm. Since under chiropractic care, I’m pain free, healthier, and I have had spinal correction. I feel more positive about life! I enjoy being around positive thinking people and in a positive atmosphere. I am now more positive and proactive in my own health. I am in control of my health by the choices I make. My neck pain is gone!”

- Persephone P. age 28, Nurse

Feel Better, Move Better, Improved Quality of Life: 

“I met Dr. Mike and Meredith at a family health and fitness fair. I wanted to see a Chiropractor because I had back pains from playing the piano. I have played the piano since I was 5 years old. While in college I would practice for 4-5 hours each day, but I repeatedly got backaches and I formed terrible posture. I felt a need to constantly adjust myself. However, chiropractic care had made such a huge impact on my piano playing and work life. I don’t feel the need to adjust myself anymore and I rarely have backaches. Before I could only practice for 30 minutes without a break and now I go over an hour without feeling any pain. This care has been beneficial to me. I feel better, move better, and my quality of life has improved. Dr. Mike and Meredith are great people who really care about educating and helping each patient.”

- Gabriela O. age 23, Music Therapist

Fixed Immediately!: 

“I was in the neighborhood and just decided to walk in to FLFCW. I had chronic lower back pain. Chiropractic care fixed my back pain immediately and it hasn’t returned. I will probably use chiropractic care at some level from now on, because it frees me up to consider all kinds of things. I move and sleep better now. It is NOT about “neck cracking” and it is NOT about “trauma.” It IS about ‘adjustment’.”

- John B. age 57, Building Inspector

Wellness Workshops for a Healthier Lifestyle: 

“I have had sacroiliac joint dysfunction for years causing chronic low back pain. My health has been fairly good but I knew it could be much better. I’m a nurse and on my feet a lot. I also enjoy power walking as a form of exercise. In the three months that I have seen Dr Mike, my symptoms have improved and being on my feet for longer periods and exercising have been much less uncomfortable. I’ve always been an active person, but now I can be as active without the chronic discomfort and pain. In addition, the Tuesday 30 minute evening classes have helped reinforce my goal of a healthier lifestyle.”

- Donna A. age 54, Nurse


“I am amazed by my results and I am pumped. There was a huge impact on me and I recommend FLFCW to everyone. Chiropractic has helped me in more ways than I know.  Before my chiropractic care program, I had health concerns including bad allergies and a weakness on my right side. I experienced body tightness, fatigue, stress, and walked with a slight limp. Now my allergies are no longer much of a concern and I am not as tight on my right side. My mood and stress levels have improved.  It looks to me that everyone that comes here enjoys coming here. They have lot of respect and get a lot out of their visits.” 

- Thomas A. age 23, Hospital Transport

Bowling Better Than Ever!: 

“I first heard about FLFCW through a newspaper Ad in the Finger Lake Times. My general health has been excellent except for an increasing symptom of low back pain which culminated in intensely painful sciatica of my left leg.  I thought I’d never bowl again or be able to continue heating with wood. I was in that much pain. My pain subsided within 2 weeks and within 4 weeks was pain free. I was forced to analyze all my attitudes and take corrective actions in lifting, bowling, cutting firewood to lessen the likely hood of future injury.  I can do just about everything better than better. I am bowling better than ever.  I also use mechanical devices (wheel barrow or sled in the winter) to haul fire wood from my woodpiles to the house and to move feed sacks from driveway to barn. I use to carry them on my Left shoulder.  It is like a new lease on life.”

- Richard C. age 65, Retired Registered Nurse

Focus on Health and Wellness: 

“I chose FLFCW after reading the F.L Times article and learning about the office’s focus on health and wellness.  I had a great deal of pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and hips. Since I have been under Chiropractic care, I no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders and FI have experienced a greater range of motion in my joints and improved posture.  I can engage in any physical activities without worrying about experiencing any neck, back, and shoulder pain.  Keep providing the professional and friendly chiropractic care that is producing great results for your patients and the community!”

- Ken F. age 40+

Positive Beginning to a Healthier, Happier Life: 

“I first heard about FLFCW by word of mouth and positive recommendation.  I had pain in my lower back, numbness and tingling in feet and hands from time to time. Since I have started chiropractic care, I have very little to almost no pain, numbness, or tingling, and I have more energy and I feel overall better.  Chiropractic care is a positive beginning to a healthier happier life. My movement is so much better. I want to thank Dr. Mike and Meredith for all you help and continued health and wellness knowledge.”

- Teresa I. age 45, Paralegal     

Balance of Body, Mind, and Soul: 

“I know the owners! I was fortunate enough to observe first handed how Dr. Mike and Meredith were able to achieve their ‘Dream Come True’! And to see the love, passion and belief of that Dream become a Reality. I didn’t have any specific symptoms, but wanted to obtain optimal spinal/nerve function.  Since I have been in my chiropractic program, I am more aware of myself and what I need to do to maintain optimal function of my body, mind, and soul to build balance! I am more in tune with myself. I am constantly encouraging others to join in on the Tuesday Weekly evening workshops. Regardless whether or not you have symptoms the workshops are an opportunity for an individual to listen and learn about living in optimal balance. Good Luck and thanks for giving Geneva an opportunity to obtain one’s optimal well-being!”

- Rebecca A. age 53, Nurse

Better Range of Motion: 

“I came to FLFCW with neck discomfort, lower back pain, numbness in fingers, and migraine headaches.  I have completed 3 months in my Chiropractic care plan. I have no negative comments/results and still in the early stages of making a definite decision on overall results. I have a better range of motion in my neck. I really enjoy Dr. Mike and Meredith; you both are a pleasure to see and work with. I would tell others to try it and judge your opinion after treatment!”

- Danny L. age 41, Supervisor

Plan to use Regular Tune-ups: 

“I met Dr. Mike and Meredith at a Garlock fair. I had neck and lower back pain. My goal was to feel better and get rid of the pain. Chiropractic care has helped me gain more mobility in my neck. I enjoy relaxing in traction. I am still working on getting more energy, better sleep and my immunity up, but my care plan has helped. In the future after I am finished with my corrective care plan, I will utilize regular tune-ups.”

- Sandra A. age 54, Sanitor

They Truly Listen: 

“I was looking for an alternative. I wasn’t satisfied with my old chiropractic care. I felt there should be more, that being uncomfortable or in pain wasn’t necessary. I have found that alternative!!! I am busy with a job, husband, kids, and volunteering and relief care wasn’t enough. By choosing corrective care I can maintain and continue my lifestyle without interruptions.  Here at FLFCW I am not in pain after a visit. I can continue about my day. I would tell others that by choosing to take care of a problem now with corrective care, it will benefit for a lifetime. I enjoy the friendliness and their ability to listen (truly listen) at this Office.”

- Dannette S. age 38, Cosmetologist

Great Addition to the Medical Community!: 

“My left hand was numb and I had elbow, shoulder and back pain.  I could only sleep for 4 hours. I had these systems for 3 years.  Some of the benefits I experienced from Chiropractic care is my back is pain free and much progress with my arm. I can now sleep for 7 hours interrupted by pain.  My advice to others is they should consider chiropractic care before drugs or E.R. I enjoy coming to the office because of pain relief and the attitude toward health and care. Dr. Mike and Meredith are great additions to Geneva medial community.”

- Jeff V. age 47, Contractor

Met at a Health Talk: 

“I first became interested in FLFCW after hearing Dr. Mike give a talk at the YMCA and at the Geneva Rotary club. I had chronic back discomfort and occasional acute back pain episodes.  After chiropractic care my back is feeling better. I enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the attractive couple. I will use Chiropractic care for maintenance after my corrective care.”

- Bill B. age 84, Semi-Retired Veterinarian